What is it?

Return to Splendour is a short comedy film following two larger than life characters that are hideously floored. 

The film follows the relationship of these these oddballs from how they originally met in the 1970's all the way up to their current marriage counciling. 

Who Are You?

Tracey Collins is an award winning writer and comedy performer regularly appearing on the comedy circuit as Audrey Heartburn, Shell Suit Cher, Tina Turna Tea Lady and Elvis Leslie. 

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Adam McNicol is an award winning writer, director performer who regularly makes comedy short films for the film festival circuit.  

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What have you done before?

Tina and Peter

Our last short film Tina and Peter premiered at the BFI Southbamk as part of the London Comedy Film festival. It went on to win Best Sketch at All the Laughs film festival in Atlanta  

Ok tell me more about the film

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